Friday, February 13, 2004

I finally finished the painting I have been having trouble with. It is now safely out of my reach at the Bearclaw Gallery here in town. I will have the image posted in a day or so on the developing website.

In the meantime...I am exhausted.


But first...did you see the Outkast performance on the Grammys? I wasn't sure how I felt about it. If you didn't see it, I suggest you look it up. Right now there are articles on the CBC etc. about it. It was a strange throwback into accepted racial mockery. The performance featured Andre 3000 and his back up singers/dancers dressed in bright green "native" outfits. They were wearing feathers, which in most North American Native cultures are considered to be sacred adornment.

I've decided that I don't feel upset at all. Just saddened. But step by step, we all advance. It does no good to get angry or offended. Just point out your concerns respectfully and quietly and hope we can each help elevate the other.

On another topic...I was referred to a great website the other day. It is a radio station in California and they have many very excellent archived shows. Check it out!



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