Tuesday, May 25, 2004

About eight years ago I began drawing a story for my two nieces. As I continued with it, I began to grow more serious about the project. There have been years where I have not drawn a single panel. In an effort to keep me working on it, I will begin posting a new panel regularly (at least once a week).

To begin with, I will show you the first eight panels to get you started. You will see that as I got to the fifth panel I started thinking of making this something more than a quick series of sketches.

When I finish this story, I will probably self-publish it, but I will be going in and redrawing all these early panels you see here. So for all you "behind-the-scene" geeks out there (like myself), this is for you!

And so, the beginning of a story written for small blonde nieces (who are now - 8 years later - entering the realm of teenagerhood)...

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