Saturday, June 05, 2004

It is hot today, and very windy.

I saw a branch get torn from a tree and actually float up into the sky. I wonder where it is going to land...

But I also saw a small section of leaves blowing along the sidewalk in front of me. It was about eight inches long and the leaves were spreading out from the stem like a fan. But what a gorgeous contrast it represented! The cold, hard concrete on the ground gently caressed by this warm, green hand. One day the concrete will shatter and break apart, but green will remain and find a way to survive.

One day the sun will burn out and our planet will end. No need to hasten the process. May my concrete heart always yield when I stand before the beauty and majesty and small miracles of the living world around me.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, in response to your posting today....this seems to be fitting. Keep writing, hon...

Michelle Chapman (1998)

Urban people - WAKE UP !
If you believe the bush is gone,
It will be.

When you leave your smoky citadel
You take your cage of steel.

"Whoops, dear, that was a tortoise!"
"Oh. Do you think it hurt the wheel?"

What do YOU believe in?
What DO you think is real?

... believe me ...

the rainbow
on a pool of oil
is NOT as
as crystal dew drops
on a web of silk.

Imagine a world dry of mother's milk

A desert without oases ...
a stained, glass sea ...
... in a glowing emerald forest
... the oldest living tree.


Anonymous said...

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