Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm working on a couple of cool pieces these days. When they are ready, I'll post a few photos, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. It all comes down to the poplars (doesn't it always?).

The sad truth is, I have been looking at the first painting in the duo for days...what to do with the bark!? This is an example of the momentous decisions and lofty thoughts of a practising artist. I'm making light of it, but really...the bark...



Anonymous said...

Poplars and bark?
I remember talking to a young, "intense" painter about the topic of "bark" on another long ago Remember, black focuses the eye :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes...a few days ago I finally realized I was going in the wrong direction.


And now it's all coming together (talk about your black spots).

Anonymous said...

ahh, I see, "birch".....yes. That must be the final answer.