Saturday, November 20, 2004

Here are three great "art" things to do here in Edmonton this week:

1. Gallery Walk. Along the end of Jasper Avenue and curving up north on 124st are a number of fantastic Edmonton Galleries that have banded together to form the Gallery Walk Association of Edmonton. 3 or 4 times a year, they roll out the welcome mat and open their doors welcoming and encouraging everyone (young or old) to come see some great artwork. Bring your friends, your family, or just yourself and enjoy the wonderful work on display.

Of course, I'm very enthusiastic about this as my work will be featured alongside two artists who create work that I respect and enjoy at the Bearclaw Gallery. I'll be in attendance Saturday from 1 - 4pm and probably on Sunday as well. Come say hello!

2. The Saddlery Series. A group of artists are currently displaying their work on the second floor of the old Latitude 53 building (10137 - 104st) everyday except Sunday from 12-noon. This is a great chance to see the work of some of Edmonton's artists.

Amber Addley, Volya Baziuk, Laerzio Corsi, Shane Krepakevich, Saera Little, Matthew Mastrovito, Beth Pederson, Vera Soltykewich, Bryce Spencer, David Svendsen, Pauline Ulliac, Mike Wallis, Eric Weiden, and Francis A Willey.

3. Protean Picasso. A wonderful coup for the Edmonton Art Gallery, this is an absolutely overpowering collection of Drawings and Prints from the National Gallery of Canada. This show was put together by the Curator of Modern Art from the National Gallery of Canada, Diana Nemiroff. Say what you will about Picasso, his genius, at least, is indisputable. A few of my personal favorites include the variations on a Girl with a Dove leading a Blind Minotaur. Upstairs are some amazing installations collectively entitled "Sense". One of these installations, "Forty-Part Motet: Janet Cardiff" will enchant you. The other pieces, while not so flashy, are just as exciting or meditative, and well worth the visit.

So, there you go, have fun and enjoy, and if anyone has any other great suggestions, I'd be happy and grateful to hear about them!


On a more serious note, Roy Thomas passed away at the age of 54 after a long battle with cancer. Click on his name to link to his website (once there, click on 'shop', it appears 'gallery' has nothing on it). You'll be treated to some of Canada's finest Aboriginal artwork.

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Anonymous said...

Say what you will, but I think the greatest benefit from looking at Picasso's work is to your self-esteem. Anyone will look beautiful in comparison with his ladies.
Actually, now that I think about it, I believe my last passport photo was taken by a photographer striving to achieve Picasso-like effect...