Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dancing Softly
36" x 18"
Acrylic, Oil,
and Gold Leaf

Dancing Softly

The title of the piece sums it up pretty well. It is about the idea of moving through this world with grace and graciousness. We touch those we pass in life, and the imprint we leave can be lasting. The figure in this painting is clothed in the rich crimson of autumn and the fresh green of spring. The sun's rays behind her head also serve as golden petals of new blossoms. She is in the middle of her flowing dance and yet, with outstretched arms, all is in balance, soothing and calm.


Anonymous said...

She is the DAWN. She is delicately dancing on the edge between the night and day, feeling the cool dew of the grass on her bare toes. The darkness of the night and the intimacy of her solitude had allowed her to reconnect with the spirits of the Earth and she now opens her arms to embrace the warming touch of the rising Sun.
A new day has come.

Aaron Paquette said...


I really like that. Strange though...it seems like something I would have said.

Well, no wonder I like it then!

Anonymous said...

lol, narcissist (and I mean it in the nicest possible way)

Aaron Paquette said...

everybody's a comedian these days....