Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Crow Warrior
36" x 60"
Mixed Media

Crow Warrior

Where does the soul come from? What is this power that stirs within us,
allowing us to experience and taste and feel? Why this elusive spark that we call life?

There is heaven above us. The sun is in its sky shining like the light that
illuminates our minds and invigorates our spirit. The earth stands below
where we rest our weariness and find strength in our roots and our families.
The good soil feeds, nourishes and sustains us. Together, heaven and earth
sing a song. Never touching, but always in sight of one another, they yearn
to be one, and so life is formed.

We are the children of spirit and stone and we carry a secret fire. The
totemic crow in this painting explodes with vitality: a warrior's heart.
Representing both the flame that moves us, and the will o' the wisp that
guides us, we must draw on the strength of Father Sky and Mother Earth to find the wisdom to follow our paths. It also brings to mind that first moment of creation, that sudden golden deluge of atoms and nebulae and stars and
worlds. The primordial climax that formed our entire universe.

This expression of the infinite is reflected in us, in our capacity to feel,
to overcome, to be strong when we are weak, and humble when we are strong. Our minds carry the pearl of that vastness, for we are a part of this great tapestry. What a blessing to be able to see and marvel and know that it is ourselves and each other that we honour.

And so, we are all warriors in that true sense, and to listen when the crow
speaks is to know wisdom.


lorna said...

wow, your work took my breathe away. Beautiful, bold and full of soul. I love the boldness of line and the vibrancy of colour. I'll be back! (but not in a Terminator kind of way).

Johnny Newt said...

Very nice style, bold and solid. I really admire your subject matter. i'd have to say that "A Sacred Place" is my favorite . Well done.

Anonymous said...

"...May Mother Earth guide your feet.
May Father Sky keep his arms around you.
May Grandfather Sun warm your cold days.
May Grandmother Moon Keep the Glow in your heart.

May the Star Nations Light the way to the next destintation,
And the Great Spirit always keep you shielded from the pain..."

Didn't Kim Hill say it well?


red said...

i've always been a fan since way back, i must say the Crow Warrior speaks to me with an extremely strong, proud inner voice. it's worked in both a stronger and looser in style than many of your previous works, and i can't seem to take my eyes off of of him.

just beautiful, Aaron.

Aaron Paquette said...

Thank you, everyone.

I'm gratified and humbled.