Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Sometimes I wish I could put down the brush and become an investment advisor, or a developer, or some other such thing. Sometimes I wish that the spirit that moves me to do this so single-mindedly would let me be, let me rest, let me follow an easy path. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and live blindly.

But then there is that moment of pure inspiration, or the almost overwhelming appreciation for a lilac petal slipping through the air to land gently on the ground. There is the satisfaction of using my skills and hopefully giving others a small taste of the poignant beauty of what I am blessed to see in the natural world that surrounds us. I try very hard to be 'a regular guy', I avoid the art scene and I try to be as accesible as possible. I am so often in that Other Place that I could easily become one of those artists who float through the world half aware of what is going on with the people around them, so consumed by their art.

Perhaps it is because I view art as a gift. Sometimes it is a difficult gift to accept, but that makes it no less precious. It is not mine, but only my responsibility to share, and to do so in a way that is inclusive and welcoming.

I guess I don't really want to do anything else, after all.


Anonymous said...

LOL, so many people float through life third blind, third unaware and third apathetic...and they don't even have art as their excuse. Only some ever open their eyes to really "see"; the rest at the most merely "scan". You not only see, but taste, and savour. You have the gift. Use it well

Anonymous said...

Do you know this poem, Aaron?

All seeing eye on the verdant shore
Perched soundless and sentry-like;
Night black plumage against the dying sun,
Hushed and knowing witness to that god's demise.

Ubiquitous bird…found in pies and the dead of night
One or thirteen…it doesn't matter
There is strength in solitude and knowledge in numbers
How many are you?

Trickster and transformer
Bearing the celestial gifts to lighten our way
Prometheus in a rented tuxedo
Capriciously comical
This heaven's clown.

Tears and laughter…the first smile at the foot of creation
Left behind in our assigned ascent
Primitive reminder of pure, playful passion
And relinquished pleasures for order's sake.

Anonymous said...

Interesting contrast, Aaron
Black raven, the sign of night, darkness, frequently grief or oppression is being eclipsed by an egg that could only bear the bluebird of happiness...
Is that a message that in everything dark there is a seed of happiness and light?

Hailey said...


You have the gift of feeling. It's something that is special, and a valuable asset. You feel the world around you, it inspires you, and you do something amazing with the gift - touch others.

So many in this world have become calloused to the gift of feeling, and it is nice to see others embrace it as you do.

All the best,