Monday, June 06, 2005

Who needs the Gym?

I walk up these stairs every day. Sometimes a few times a day. When I first moved to this area, I had to take a few breaks along the way, breathing heavily, leg muscles on fire. Now I can take it two stairs at a time. The best part about it, the top of these stairs is where one can find Slurpees. A good pay-off, don't you think?

Sometimes, I'll even get an Oreo Ice Cream sandwich.

My advice: find a similar torture device in your neighbourhood.


Speaking of my neighbourhood, click here:

Concrete and glass over trees and community?

I have no new updates from this time, but with a new Mayor and a new Council, I wonder what we can come up with.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, oreo ice cream sandwich and a slurpee...It must be a staircase to heaven :-)
You know, Aaron, you seem to have lightened up some in the last year. Perhaps you can now take two stairs at a time because you no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
From a beast of burden to a canary that sings of life and brings pleasure to others. Nice...

Aaron Paquette said...

Yes, I think I have lightened up.

A singing canary, though...I don't know...

Am I simply to become a litmus in the coal mine?

But I like the bird analogy anyway. I have been dreaming lately that I am flying, and sometimes I do feel like I could just spread my arms and take to the sky.

It's been a long road, worrying about everyone in my life, and now I'm not worrying quite so much. I am taking a leap of faith and have accepted that life will do as it pleases, even if I want to maintain the illusion that I am at the steering wheel.

I'll try to accomplish the things I feel are important, but I also make room in my plans for the unknown.

It's quite nice, actually.

Hailey said...

I was sitting atop these teps but a few nights ago. I lvoe the serenety our river valley has to offer. I hope everything is going wonderfully with you, Aaron.

Your artwork never ceases to amaze me. If I could aquire even an iota(sp?) of your talent, I would be happy!