Monday, August 01, 2005

I was falling asleep last night and I imagined myself floating up through my roof, over the city. I went up and up like a balloon trailing a long string. I left the planet and kept sailing onward until I had a good view. Then I stopped and just looked at our little planet zooming through space like nobody's business. Swinging around our warm, bright sun.

"Wow," I thought, "Look at it go. So small and insignificant. Any major fluctuation in the sun's radiation and more electronic devices. Lots of cancer, though. Crop failure like crazy.

But the earth, it was so gorgeous, it almost broke my heart just to look at it. I sat for a while longer out there, just taking it all in, then I slowly floated back into my bed.

If everyone could see it, or enough people, anyway...the way I saw the planet in my dream...

Could we have peace?

I'm not so sure. But I think we could have something like it.


jade said...

I beleive this we will find the "real" peace.But for a while we just dream about it.

Have a nice dreams...

Aaron Paquette said...

In Hinduism, it is said the universe is merely the reflection of the dreaming god Vishnu. And that the universe takes its form like a lotus flower growing out of Vishnu's navel. And so the universe unfolds a petal at a time.

Anything is possible!

Aaron Paquette said...

For example, it is entirely possible that I could have written this entry much better and more honestly. Chances are very good that no one will ever read this now, though...buried as it has become in time.

The truth is, the dream I had was so beautiful and true that I woke in tears. I had a spirit guide with me who told me about the world and the universe. Nothing so grand that it has never been said before, but so simply and with so much love that I was overwhelmed. I guess I was worried about sharing that.

I was also told about some things in my life that I was concerned about. It brought me peace, and the centredness I gained has remained with me. I just finished a painting that speaks of the smallest portion of this experience. To me, it vibrates with life and energy.

In the end, it was a dream, and I'll make nothing more of it than that. But it was my dream, and that makes it special to me.

jade said...

I see, And I think It's special too..