Wednesday, September 14, 2005

24" x 36"
Oil, Acrylic,
Gold Leaf

Speak Softly of the Earth

I am consistently drawn to paint my various impressions of Mother Earth. Father Sky is here, as well, encircling her with his wings. His form is reminiscent of elk antlers, strong and protective, but sensitive and feeling. The tips of his wings echo the stretching forth of roots, drawing sustenance from the rich soil on one hand and the empty void on the other.

Mother Earth looks out toward us in perfect contentment, but she has the inward gaze of enlightenment and illumination. She is present and eternal, ancient and fresh, and she is clothed in the golden glory of fire and Autumn. She glows like a September tree lit afire by the setting sun, framed by an icy, starlit sky. Streamers of glory and warmth rise from her body, cooling in the wintry night, flowing like water in an eternal tide.

Flowers bloom around her like the first blush of spring, and foliage in burgeoning shades of green encircle her. The summer leaves brush against her in reverence, and her belly is full of life. She is a cornucopia of diversity and growth, newness ever springing from her, even as she takes up the old into her dark loam, preparing it for life anew.

In this tumult, she folds her hands gently across her belly, becoming in herself a complete circle of fulfillment, this cycle is answered in turn by the halo of Father Sky. His heart is full of flame. Behind Mother Earth, the water is still and placid, a reflection of Herself. When Mother Earth and Father Sky work in concert with one another, chaos and order blend to form myriad expressions of life.

The wind blows across the face of this ever-renewing Creation, speaking directly to our hearts, forever entreating us with it's whispered decree:

"Speak Softly of the Earth"


red said...

hi Aaron.

beautiful as ever... i love the colours you've used in this earth mother. welcoming.

lorna said...

Thankyou for the words about this image- they helped me appreciate it on yet another level. Very beautiful with exquisite colours. I like her sense of stillness- like she has taken time and subdued its usual babble (like a river over large pebbles).

Aaron Paquette said...

I appreciate it, especially coming from two artists whom I admire very much.

Anyone reading this, check out the work of these two!