Friday, October 14, 2005

I have a few sketches kicking around that I really like. The values range from $50 to $450.

I'd like to give them away.

For the next couple months, I'll give one sketch away per week (or thereabout), so if you're paranoid, get P.O. Box so you can participate.

The guidelines are pretty simple, really. You can pick one of two options:

1. Do a really good deed and tell me about it.

2. Recommend my site to a ton of other folks. If a few of them mention you by name when they visit, you get a sketch!

I'll pick one winner per week. I thought this would be a good way to share some of my work in a real way.

Have fun!

(and I really hope most people will go for the good deed option)


Aaron Paquette said...

I have an entry already!

Don't be shy, go out and do something wondeful and unexpected. The art is a secondary reward, I promise.

Tav said...

I would try for this contest, but I am a mean person. Maybe I should I have to do a good deed, Aaron? Um...will anyone know that I am your sister?

No, Other Reader's of Aaron's blog, I won't enter at all. There is one piece of Aaron's work that I really really want, and if I am meant to have it the money to buy it will mysteriously show up. Aaron's sketches are as beautiful as the paintings are and a good deed is a very small thing to do to enter. I would...but being his sister...I have an unfair advantage...hehe. I KNOW what deeds would make my little brother's heart melt. Pay it forward. In love, Tav PS...I have run out of people to show the site to Aaron.

lorna said...

What a wonderful, generous thing for you to do/encourage Aaron. Now I'm off to find someone to be nice to. :o)

brenda said...

i want the world to see the newness and spirit in your work i hope the gallery offer works out and cant wait to see your work..

(thats my good deed lol actually lets trade)

As for my good deed i am teaching my children to respect the smallest of insects in this world of ours so that they may carry on my words once i return to the creator