Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Elements of Thunder
24" x 30"
Mixed Media

What makes a soul? Is it life? Thought? Awareness? On a cellular level, we are hundreds of billions of pieces unknowingly going about their business, reacting, attracting, repelling, combining.

In relative size, the electricity fostered by these small parts of our cells carry charges as strong as the most intense lightning storms, but omnipresent! The heat that rises from our skin, the fire that powers our thoughts and movements are a result of mitochondria and the little batteries they pump out that give us life.

The earth itself functions as a result of the transformation of sun energy, and it's own inner fires, coursing like secret blood through superheated veins. We have water, and dust, and air...all colliding in the atmosphere to create storms of intense strength. The earth moves, and breathes and when we know where to look, we can surely see it's soul.

And are we so different? Are we truly separate, we who live and laugh on the same soil from whence our bodies have sprung? Could the spirit of the earth be reflected in us, and we in it?

I like to think so. I do believe that all our many differences, and the way we react to each other and the living land, create a world that is ever growing into something new and always wonderfully surprising.

It is all of these things, and stuff of which I have not yet dreamt, that compose the elements of thunder.

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