Friday, November 11, 2005

Night Sprits and the Saskatchewan
9" x 12"
Mixed Media on Canvas

The Saskatchewan River valley is full of life and mystery. I am often found walking through the gentle woods, following paths made by the animals, meandering down to the water (or as often as not, fading out and disappearing as they become overgrown due to disuse). In late September evenings I watch the last sunlight play against the wall of trees and bushes that line either side of this wonderful river, giving the valley a soft glow as the sky turns dark and the stars begin to appear.

Mars grows ever brighter as it gets nearer the earth and if I allow it, just out of the corner of my eye, I can spot the spirits of the valley floating here and there, and the thunderbird stretch into the gloaming. I have seen this sight on opposing banks, and on occasion, a lone canoe or boat will drift by, it's occupants as silent as the loons that feed at the shore.

The crunching of dry leaves underfoot releases a pungent odor of secrecy, as though in decay life tries to reveal purpose and meaning - the last whispers of a tree that stood high with the sun and swayed with the wind.

I have often sat in that place as the night gathers darkness about itself like an old monk with his robes...a simple companion in these strange days.


Tav said...

Aaron, this painting makes me miss home a little.


Stuntmother said...

I so enjoy stopping by here (through the Middle of Nowhere) to sit for a moment with your words and your art -- they are both uplifting and, mmm, purifying, somehow.

Aaron Paquette said...

Does it remind you of home? I'm so glad. I had a hard time letting go of this one. It speaks to me of comfort and good earth.


Thank you. That's a very great thing to say. As an artist, I'm often alone, so reading your comment has made my day!

PG said...

Ahh, another beautiful post that has brought tears to my eyes and made me long for the woods when I should be working...I will make do with the words for the moment and think about them this afternoon.