Monday, December 19, 2005

9" x 12"
Mixed Media

How can I best use this day? I've been asking myself this question a lot lately. All we have is's the thing every person posesses, and hopefully, none of us know exactly how much we've been alotted. I don't know when my time will end, and as a result, I have decided to try to use every day as best I can. For me, that means putting my thought and feeling into my somehow inject the passion or quiet I am feeling into the piece itself.

In this work, I was thinking about the way in which we have grown as a human family over thousands of years. We live today in a world that makes most people in North America as rich as kings of the past. We can fly! We can talk to each other instantly from just about anywhere in the world. We have doctors who can perform the most amazing cures using light. We have created miracles.

We have also left behind a mess.

That the world climate is changing is finally being accepted by most people on our little planet. It's not from evil intent, and not even a great deal of carelessness, it's simply that we are learning the results of our new sciences and technologies. I have often thought that if the world can survive meteor impacts and ice ages, it will surely survive us.

But it would be nice if we survived, too, wouldn't it?

And I think we can. I have heard it said that we need to remember who we are, that we are children of the planet and of God. To be healthy, we need spiritual and physical nourishment, we need to turn our hearts open and allow love and joy into our busy lives. I think I agree with this.

As we continue this exploration of being human, it is my prayer that we allow for a development of spiritual knowledge to become just as important as our search for scientific knowledge. In the end, it may be that we find they are one and the same.

At any rate, for the here and now, I like to imagine our souls developing and growing, ascending with each day, with each generation, until we finally find ourselves in balance with the world within us, and the world around us.


Anonymous said...

sometimes I just want to enjoy the beauty of your art without the well-formulated admonishments. Let me just imagine floating up to heavens supported by the wings of the raven without remembering the mess I have to clean up when I finally descend.
But then again, you know I don't speak for the majority. The rest love to be chastised :-)
Happy holidays, Aaron. May 2006 bring you and your wolf cubs nothing but success, love, peace and contentment.

Aaron Paquette said...

Ha ha! Admonishments, indeed!

I'm not sure anyone enjoys chastisement...

I just mean to say that there is definitely hope. And a good hope at that.

andrea said...

I haven't visited for awhile and I see I've missed some excellent work. This one knocks me out. Happy New Year, Aaron!