Friday, January 27, 2006

Walnut Ink on Watercolur Paper

I really love the deep tones of this ink. When applied thick it is almost black, like spring soil ready for planting. The thinner washes have a beautiful sepia glow that brings to mind Autumn leaves and mid-winter trees, whispering wisdom and deep knowledge.

The ink itself seemed to dictate this new series of work. I simply followed the brush.


Santi said...

Hello there
Great stuff!!!!. Thanks for stopping by!! Keep posting

PG said...

These two are so stunning in their simplicity and the walnut ink is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

yum, chocolate covered coffee beans. How did you know? lol

Aaron Paquette said...


Thanks...I wish the real luminosity of the ink could be shown. If you can find any, I really encourage you to try it out.


Chocolate covered coffee beans are everyone's favorite, of course.