Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amber Dawn
24" x 36"
Mixed Media on Canvas

I have been painting a lot of pre-dawn images this season, and being up before the sun rises inspires silence. As I go on my morning walk nature takes the opportunity to teach me. Sitting on the river bank, looking at the faint impressions of paw prints tracking across the frozen flow, I kept hearing a soft rustle, I looked about me but saw nothing. The silence and the small rustling went on. Although I felt no breeze, I gave credence to my intial thought, "It must be the wind." It was only when I rose to leave that I noticed the Owl that had been sitting above my shoulder.

I stared at the Owl in silent surprise. The Owl blinked. Then softly, like a ghost upon the air, it glided off into the amber dawn.

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