Monday, March 27, 2006

Wings of the Raven
60" x 48"
Mixed Media on Canvas

It is the time of the Trickster, the bringer of Light, fire, and portends. In my bones I feel the fast approach of the Raven. We live in an incredible time. For our ancestors, the future looked very much like the past and present, the wheel of seasons rolling in an endless and steady cycle. For ourselves, we know that the next ten years will look very different from the ten that came before. We are unlocking more mysteries every day, eager to look in every box and corner in the house of Creation. We are opening the books of the Universe, barely knowing how to read the words, and I feel the breath of Ravens on the back of my neck as they peer over my shoulder, eager to glimpse the secret knowledge. Raven brought us the sun and the world awoke into splendour. Doing so burned, and scorched and made pure white feathers to burn black as soot. We are on the cusp of wonderful, amazing things, but I hear the pecking at the door and I know a reckoning must be made.

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