Monday, October 16, 2006

As High as The Ego Soars

I have to admit, there's nothing more strange and uplifting than to see your name and work in something you had no part in creating.

As other artists will agree, we toil away at our obsessions in isolation, and it is almost shocking to look up and see that someone has noticed what we've been doing. A taste of acceptance and confirmation...dangerous stuff. Personally, I suddenly found myself reviewing my work and wondering if I couldn't have done a better job of it.

"That shading there...why did I do it that way? I should have added an undertone of blue. Now everyone will know that I did it wrong!!"

Or maybe that's just the fear of a closet perfectionist. But what are artists anyway, after all?

But all that aside, here's a shot of the magazine and the article by Clint Buehler.


Shoe, Little Crow! Shoe!

If you haven't yet seen his work, I'd like to give you a link to artist Brian Jungen. He's a fairly prolific artist and he does more of the conceptual type of work that I really admire.

One of his projects has been working on a series of pieces that reflect his West Coast ancestry using deconstructed Nike Shoes as the medium. I'll post one link, but if you do a search, he's got a lot of exposure out there, even a wikipedia entry! Very neat stuff:

Brian Jungen


*Dani* said...

Congratulations, Aaron. The recognition, in my opinion, has been too long coming...

Aaron Paquette said...

Thanks, Dani! It's a neat experience to open up a magazine and see someone referring to me by last name only, but it's also nice to keep labouring away in obscurity, quietly creating and making little artworks that fly away from me and take on a life of their own in a new home. I guess the exposure just helps to find more homes for my two dimensional children.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

*Dani* said...

In my country having someone refer to you by your last name without using a title is considered rude - and here it is an "honor" and sign that you've arrived :) Weird, I see I still have things to learn...
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. All the best - you deserve it