Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Green Raven
Mixed Media
on Paper

This is what happens when you find yourself staying up all night working. I've been experimenting with oil pastels and ink. After painting so many red ravens, I wanted to try something new and stylistically quite different from what I've been doing. I wanted it to be earthy yet ethereal, which is a challenge for me as I tend toward strong colours and crisp lines. I wanted to have a more spontaneous look to the piece and so I eschewed my compulsive drive toward tight, clean painting and allowed a more free flowing mood to pervade. The concept is fertility and growth. There is a very feminine aura to this work, or at least that's what I was feeling when I painted it.

I have a show coming up in February and I've been putting together a body of work for that and I hope the gallery doesn't mind a few more of these pieces. I've also been exploring some concepts with ink on paper that I'll post in the next few days.

For now, a couple hours of sleep and back up to the studio.


*Dani* said...

I am going to get heck from someone again for leaving a message that is not all gushy, but I really do want to know...
I love so much about this painting, Aaron. I love the muted colours, the flowing/ebbing lines, the feeling of movement and stillness in close proximity. I love how it all blends in harmony - and then there are the white dots. Stark, intrusive, harsh and disturbing. Somehow it feels as though it was snatched away from the painter before he was able to feather out the paint dots, or to mist them over with some pearlized finish...
I am sure it carries a meaning, since you never add anything unless it has a purpose. I'd love to know what it is, Aaron.

Aaron Paquette said...

Before the "dots" the painting was a little too pretty, if that makes sense. It needed something to balance out what seemed to me a bit of a blasé, milquetoast direction. This is the problem with digital repro's (especially without a real photographer taking the picture). The effect seems heightened a bit online. I suppose without the ambiance of surroundings or other light, it really can appear as if the white dots are lasering right off the screen into the back of the retina.

Anonymous said...

ok, too pretty....check.
I guess now I understand why some beautiful people get acne.
It's all in the dots, isn't it

Aaron Paquette said...


Aaron Paquette said...