Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stark Winter
Walnut Ink
on Paper
11" x 14"

I love the starkness of the land after a snowfall. Last night dropped down to the -30's celsius. I have a flat roof and the ice on top kept cracking and shifting the colder it got. At first I thought someone was up there so I went outside into the night to take a look and heard and felt the snap under my feet. I looked out at the trees and the clearing and was struck by the silence of it, the loneliness.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Uncle. Whenever I see your new experiments I miss being at your house every weekend seeing them (sometimes contributing).
Well, I was just wondering if you got the portrait I drew? My mum sent it for me she said.
Miss you. Bye.


Aaron Paquette said...

No, I didn't get it!

Is it in email or regular mail?

Aaron Paquette said...

Got it. Amazing, Tay. I love it.