Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Bearclaw Gallery Presents

New Works by Aaron Paquette

March 3 - March 15 2007
artist will be in attendance 2-4pm opening day

40" x 30"
Mixed Media
on Canvas

I have been focussed on the Trickster. More specifically, the raven. In my sleep, in my waking dreams, in the woods, I have been followed by a dark bird. Like a shadow glimpsed over the shoulder, or a whisper when no one was around, the Trickster has been dogging my steps. At first I was afraid. Was this a portent of my death? Was a tragedy about to occur?

But the more I thought about it, the more relaxed I became. In fact, I became very happy.

In legend, the Trickster steals, betrays, kills. But this is a Hero as well, because in other stories he is a creator, an inventor, he brings light to the world. I began to remember that the Trickster is the two faces of life, the noble and the base, the dream and the chaos. He represents you and me. He brings confusion, and doubt, but in the end, there is the fire of awakening, the light of understanding.

I was brought a golden lesson on charcoal wings. I have broken hearts. I have broken my word. I have destroyed. To live, I kill. I eat life, this is the nature of our natural system. But I have also made things, I have made hearts whole, I have fulfilled my promises. The face I wear to the world is not my face, it is a moment. Some see the face and are angry, others see it and feel happy, all based on my own choices, or blind luck, or sad chance.

The only power I have is the ability to choose how I will live. The Trickster did bring me death. He brought me the death of the mask I wore to myself, and the understanding that all things pass, and all things are temporary. When every life has suffering, and it does, beauty is found in the cracks. In moments, in seasons, in the mark of time upon a face.

I hope you will come to my show, look at the works I have laboured over and share with me your own stories. It is a risky thing, meeting new people, but I know that behind your eyes, I will see the Trickster looking out at me.


Andy said...

Does this mean I can look forward to a painting of Loki? Cuz if so, I'm totally there.

Aaron Paquette said...

There will be a Loki.

...or will there?