Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sketch for "Last Fire"

Sometimes finding a good model for sketching can be ridiculously difficult. Especially if the artist is looking for an attractive model to sit for them. It's not that there aren't any beautiful men and women out there, it's that it becomes a greater challenge to find one that has remained untainted by the heaps of praise and worship they've received over the years because they happened to win the genetic lottery.

This sounds bitter, doesn't it? But it isn't at all. There is nothing wrong with having a nice physical shell, but as an artist I want to see where pain, humility and a good heart meet to create that moment of wonder and possibility. It's as difficult as finding someone who falls well below every unrealistic standard our society has for success and beauty...finding that person and discovering confidence, pride and self-worth.

They exist, absolutely.

The challenge, and it's a worthy one, is to find these fantastic souls.

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