Friday, July 13, 2007

An Elf Snuck Up And Caught Me!

...On camera!

Sometimes there is a very small, very clever little 4 year old girl at the house. Sometimes she finds the camera and sometimes...when she's really quiet, she catches me off guard and snaps a couple photos. I have to hand it to her though, she's not a bad photographer for only being on the planet since 2003.

For those interested, you'll see a large painting behind me. This is pretty much how they look after I've got things close to figured out. All this one needs now is hours and hours (and hours!) of patient details. In other news, I actually grew a moustache. To my surprise, and sure to be my mother's has a definite reddish hue. The viking blood will out, I suppose.


PG said...

Hey, the beard is lookin' good! that bottome one would make an excellent publicity pic. I didn't realise your paintings were so darned big!

Anonymous said...

great composition from the li'l shutterbug.

The stache works, too.


Anonymous said...

You should hire her full-time - look! No mullet for once :)

Aaron Paquette said...

pg, yeah, they can get unweildy at times. On the other hand, I have been known to paint one inch square pieces as well when I'm feeling insane.

drz, thanks! The old stache is now full grown and getting bushier by the day. Not Sam Eliott bushy, but almost Burt Reynolds bushy.

Anon, nope! no mullet! ;)