Friday, August 10, 2007

An Intimate Afternoon

On Sunday, August 12th at 2pm Mandolin Books & Coffee is offering an intimate display of my smaller work. If you haven't been there before, try to attend, it's a great coffee shop, not to mention all the books!

I'll be there and look forward to hanging out, talking, all that good stuff with everyone who attends.

Hope to see you there!


Here's the presser:

For Immediate Release

Mandolin Books is very pleased to feature the work of Edmonton artist Aaron Paquette for the month of August, through the gracious cooperation of Bearclaw Gallery. Please join us for an opening of Aaron's work on Sunday, August 12th at 2 p.m. The afternoon will be hosted by poet Andy Michaelson and will include a reading of Andy's work.

Noted for his luminous blend of Pop art, Native painting and pseudo-Christian iconography; dark, fluid lines and bold fields of colour, Aaron Paquette continues to expand his artistic horizons. Starting out as a street artist drawing with chalk and raw fingers, Paquette then undertook an apprenticeship with one of Canada's few stained glass masters who saw the promise in his early efforts. After learning the ancient art, Paquette went on to finish a goldsmithing apprenticeship. Blending those years of study with his own style of painting, recognition of Paquette's work has been steadily increasing across Canada and abroad.


The Mandolin Exhibit

This is a collection of some of my favorite small works. They are whimsical and gentle little reflections of the natural world with a slightly serious undertone - providing sort of a shadowed descant to the unabashed joy of it all. Most of the pieces are done in Walnut Ink (a product of the Scotland peat), named for its rich earthy colour. The three colour pieces are done in Acrylic and Gold Leaf. These intimate meditations whisper very softly to me and if you tilt your head just so, maybe you'll catch their happy tune too!

Aaron Paquette
August 2007


Mandolin Books & Coffee Company Ltd.
6419 - 112 Avenue
Edmonton AB
T5W 0N9

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