Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Opening Day - March 8 2008

The Willock and Sax Gallery in Banff is presenting a show next month with myself and artist Daren Petersen. We'll both be in attendance from 2pm - 6pm and travel time permitting, I'll try to be there for at least an hour beforehand as well to meet and answer questions.

The show runs from March 5-9 2008.

Aniti Anemos

Mixed Media
on Canvas

Aniti is a Sanskrit word meaning "he breathes". Anemos in Greek is "wind".

They are the root for the word Animus, that primitive and natural part of the human mind that works behind our awareness, under our masks of reality and experience. It is a place of magic, the wellspring of images and symbols whose meanings lie deep within us, the definitions of which we can never truly grasp, but must be content to feel - to learn of perhaps - only in that place between wakefulness and dreams.

What ancient memories are held in each of us? As droplets of water that exist for a brief span like the spray of water on the sea before it falls again to rejoin the whole, we carry a pearl of the entirety in that deep place in our hearts. To me, this is expressed as a feeling of connection to the soil, as a kinship with the beasts, and as a believer in visions and personal spiritual knowledge. It is why I paint. As each of us follows our own path it will teach us, day by day, how to breath the wind.