Friday, September 11, 2009

HBC - Half Breed Clothing

Hey Everybody!

Today is the day we roll out the very first Half Breed Clothing t-shirt!

What is this all about?

Well, the smaller this world gets, the more couples from different backgrounds are hooking up. The result is a growing population of people like me and probably you! Kids with mixed heritage. Whether Metis, Heinz 57, Mulatto, Eurasian, half Irish-half Scots...whatever! We're all in this crazy experiment together.

And here's the t-shirt to show your pride in your roots. Stand up and be proud!

And please, be so good as to spread the word!!


These shirts are artist designed (the first couple will be my own work) and hand pulled.

We're offering shirts in Fruit of the Loom (looser fit) and American Apparel (a little more form fitting). Pretty much any colour is available within reason!


Included in this note are the first two designs we're releasing and there are more to come as more of our artists finalize their images.

To order, click on the link:

Awesome Half Breed Shirts

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