Thursday, February 11, 2010

iPad could definitely be better (the artist gets techy)

As an artist I use whatever tools I can get my hands on to make the process of creating my work as intuitive and simple as possible. The less I have to worry about the better as far as getting thought to reality is concerned.

That's why I was really looking forward to the new Apple iPad.

I was imagining a device that would cut down on the clutter I would carry with me on regular day to day excursions. While it might be able to do that in some small ways, i suppose I was guilty of imagining something more.

Primarily what I'm talking about is drawing.

I was hoping for an included stylus and a nicely developed draw/paint program (app, as the kids say) that would allow me to have an eternally ready sketch pad that would never run out of paper and a pencil that would never run out of lead. A font of creative possibility!

The other imagined benefit would be that I could work out the colour schemes for my paintings on the iPad as well, moving things around intuitively, quickly and easily until I found just the right composition. Then it's off to the painting!

The other thing I would have hoped for was a built in camera that would allow me to capture a fabric, a leaf, the way light was hitting a face - whatever I saw that could inspire me - right on the fly, to examine and study later when I had the time.

And lastly, a simple, easy way for me to record my process so that I could share it with others digitally online, or give to schools after a workshop.

I know that with a big bundle of electronics and old fashioned tools I could accomplish something close to all this, so it's not like I am stuck on an island with only sand and coconuts to work with, but it would have been nice.

The technology is there and I really thought Apple would've put it all together.

Second Gen iPad, maybe?


In the meantime, I will still lovingly use my trusty pencil and paper sketchpad.


On to other news:


Pretty astounded with the 3D. I kind of felt like I was in a living dream the entire time, the actors were right there, almost s real as flesh and blood (or a least as real as they'll ever get without meeting them). I took my parents who never go out to the movies and was really delighted by their response during the film. It was like seeing them as they were when they were kids. While I really enjoyed the movies, I think watching my Mom and Dad was the best part.


I've been pretty busy making school visits, speaking at conferences, and just generally sharing what I've gleaned after twenty years of art making. It's extremely fulfilling and gets me out into the world and out of the studio, which let me tell you is pretty nice.

Next up is the Spirit Seekers Youth Conference in Grande Prairie and I have to say the team that puts that together is amazing. They're professional, warm and really care about what they're doing. I'm honored to be a part of their efforts. Thanks Delaine!

Keynote speakers will be Linsay Willier and James Jones of Canada's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance: Canada fame respectively. They've teamed up to create a Motivational Speaking enterprise so I'm really looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


My good friend Ian Walker is currently developing my new website which will be and that will be up sometime before spring. It will have everything I do in one place and when it goes up I'll have a lot of neat things to share. Really excited about it.

And if you like the site when it goes up, let me know! I'll forward you to Ian and he can customize something for you.


Just a quick heads up: I have a show scheduled to start May 15, 2010 at the Bearclaw Gallery that I think many of you will really enjoy. Many, many new works are coming up!

I'll have some information about a couple other galleries I'm talking with soon, and in the meantime, visit the Bearclaw and the Willock and Sax Gallery. There is always amazing art from a variety of diverse artists at both places. I'm always impressed when I take a visit.

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