Friday, February 26, 2010

New Galleries

I'll be adding a couple new galleries to the side links in the near future. One I've been remiss on is the Eagle Feather Gallery in Victoria. Fixed! Here is what they have in their gallery right now:

She's in the Wind
Mixed Media and Gold Leaf
on Canvas

(click image to see listing)


1 comment:

Kenmeer livermaile said...

She's in the Wind has a sense of composition different and, to my eyes, stronger than most of your work:

the use of 'space' (beige background), of 'fractal' symmetry in the hair and dresses, the fairly quiet colors made strong by the black outlines and field at bottom right, the subtlety of the tree face (that doesn't hide itself too coyly a la Bev Doolittle,and 'justifies its presence via the symmetry of the basic composition),and finally, the inexplicable green orb echoing the moon.

Also, there isno blatant mythos (i.e., Raven, trickster, etc) other than women as the main tree of life (well, they do make all the babies, nyet?).

THe result is a very satisfying expression of Life on Earth.

Whatever broad market plans/arrangements you may have made should benefit from the inclusion of this one.

A lot of sensitive souls would love to have this in their home.

P.S. Granny got blue hair! ;)