Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clouds Clearing

The Face of Abundance
22" x 28"
Mixed Media on Canvas

I made a little painting a couple years ago called Abundance. I loved painting it and wanted to return to the theme and explore the idea again. This time, instead of a sun it’s a golden being. Many people have commented on it, asking, “Is it the wind?”, or “I think it’s a soul about to be born.” The golden visage represents everything. Some would call it God, some Possibility, some Tao. I just know that it is. I feel it when I’m painting. We all feel it at some point or other. We feel it when we’re mindful. We feel it when we transcend the need to be patient and are just accepting. We feel it when we sit quietly, allowing our connection to nature flow through us and fill our senses, fill our souls.

I turn my face to the sun
The heat like gentle lips

Placed upon my skin
In benediction

There's more than I can take
There's abundance

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