Saturday, December 04, 2010

Come See Some Art!

Insightful Mind
11" x 13"
Mixed Media on Paper

We are so used to looking outward, outward. As if the world existed somewhere beyond us, at arms length. This isn't a failing, it's a quirk of our physical inheritance and a necessary one. Part of growing is to know that the world outside ourselves is just one part of the whole. When we turn the inward eye, in meditation, creation, and silence, we see that not only do we contain the whole world, but stars, galaxies - an entire universe!- inside of us.

And so does every person alive. So do the plants and animals that surround us. So does this loving planet and the giving sun.

We are all part of a fractal existence, the part being the whole, the whole playing a part. How can we not honour everyone and everything that crosses the path of our awareness when we know this? Turn that inward eye, access that quiet place, learn your connection to others.

Allow the In Sight Full mind.


If you are in Edmonton today and looking for something to do, come by the Bearclaw Gallery this afternoon. We'll chat a bit and you can see some great art. It's a group show, so there will be a lot to see and explore!

Bearclaw Gallery
10403-124 Street
(780) 482-1204


Marz said...

That's a beautiful one.. Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you peace & happiness.

Aaron Paquette said...

Thank you for the wishes. i now return them to you! :) A good year ahead for everyone.