Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I have just set up a new blog that will handle the images from the Story I have been posting. To see the new images, and to follow the story along from the start, link here:


And if you are in a gallery that you think would match with my style in any city other than Edmonton, please feel free to approach the owner and ask them to carry my work. The way things look right now, I have to alter my plans for a major trip across Canada, and instead make shorter trips as funds allow.

If you want to know what the larger plans were, click here:

Aaron Paquette News

To sum it up, the Canadian government is considering a new way of approaching its relationship with Canadian First Nations. Being an artist who is concerned with Social Issues - and the fact that I am Native myself - I want learn first hand what the People are saying across the country. I want to learn what the People want, what they are thinking and feeling and how they see themselves in the broader fabric of society.

And then I want to share what I have learned.

Video, audio, writing, photos, sketches, paintings, music....all of these media will help transmit this knowledge. All I am looking for now is the way to make this dream real.

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