Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've been watching a lot of news lately; reading a lot of political opinion. I can tell you this isn't the secret to happiness. Too much of a bad thing, you might say. The problem is that it can be almost addictive. I'm starting to "wean" myself off CNN and CBC Newsworld, and lo! the sun still shines!

I think I might just stick to TinTin for a while...

Work progresses...

Right now I'm working on a large treatment of the story about Raven stealing the Sun. Maybe it's due to my news addiction, but it's looking a little post-apocalyptic. But to tell the truth, I really like it. It's developing pretty much exactly as I envisioned it, and the hope in a painting almost always relies on the finishing touches. That's something that always amazes me. The subtext of a painting can be very serious and the process of working on it can involve many deep and complex emotions, but as the work nears completion, that ray of hope starts breaking through.

I am interested in seeing how that hope will manifest itself in this new piece.


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Anonymous said...

The sun still shining!!:)But not in Iraq.Why????