Monday, September 20, 2004

This is in response to a comment from my last post, but I wanted to be sure the poster would have a chance to see it, so I am making it an official it is:


Yes, the sun still shines in Iraq, too. It may be hard to see it through the smoke sometimes....

Even in Iraq they have hope. That is why the people continue from day to day...the hope that across the horizon there will no longer be war.

The Native Elders say that this is our last world. We have had worlds before, and they have ended, but this will be the last and it will end very soon.

Does this mean the end of life? Of existence?

I don't know. I think that maybe we have a choice to make. A choice between what we have been doing over and over again...war, destruction, pain...and another option.

The other option, in my mind, is the opportunity to choose something greater than we have had the will or courage to do before. The chance to decide on peace.

It is no secret that our oil reserves are running out, that the Baby Boomer generation will devastate the economy of the western world as they age and can no longer work, and that strife and poverty will hit hard around the globe. There is going to be an increasing amount of conflicts and wars and fighting. It is going to get a lot worse.

There will be issues of disease, superbugs, genetically modified foods and organisms escaping our control, extinction, loss of diversity and ecological stability, climate change.

All these things will come to can they not?

There is very little sense of personal responsibility on this planet, and we will fall due to blindness and apathy.

My hope is that we endure. My hope is that we, as a people, will weather these storms and strife and in the process, perhaps allow our outlook on the world to alter in such a way that we become a new kind of people. My hope is that the end of our last world means the beginning of something we have never seen before.

Is it possible for us to change without falling so hard and for so long? Can we preserve some of the great accomplishments we have made over the millenia? Can we avert much of the suffering that is in store if we continue as we are?

I hope so.

And in hoping, I can believe.


Anonymous said...
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Aaron Paquette said...

Yes, there is that...along with a scarcity of Fresh Water...gee, this is getting a little depressing!

I think the importnat thing is that we recognise these challenges and do what we can in our own small ways to effect positive change. After all, if we want peace in the world, we have to have it in our hearts, don't we?

Aaron Paquette said...

hmm...looks like the question I was responding to got erased! To recap, the poster was asking about the polar ice caps...

Anonymous said...

thank you Aaron I took my answer....