Friday, April 29, 2005

Fleur Sacree
24" x 36"
Acrylic, Oil,
and Gold Leaf

Fleur Sacree

I was watching the tall grass undulating under the wind - the sway of the leaves - when the verdant plant life all seemed to part at once, revealing a lone flower growing at the edge of the field and forest. It was so delicate and alone. I dropped to my knees to see it more clearly. It was beautiful! I noticed that the wind was pushing it back and forth a little too forcefully and that the reason it grew was because of the protection of the wall of grass and trees that surrounded it. It got me to thinking about my own life, about how I depend on my family and friends for support in difficult times, and how I, at times, act as a support for them. While we are strong, we are also human, and sometimes that means that we need shelter from the buffeting of life's hectic winds. I stepped back from the flower, watched it nestle into its green cathedral, and I walked away, thankful for the experience of something so small and sacred.


Rita said...

Though we live in different parts of the world and in completely different situations - we have something in common. Yesterday, I walked out my front door to check on my children who were playing outside. As I strode across the yard which is a combination of grass and various weeds, I stopped in my tracks and knelt down in amazement to examine a single violet. A beautiful, small and delicate flower in an ocean of course green.

Aaron Paquette said...

That's very cool Rita. In what area of the world do you live?