Friday, May 06, 2005

Oceana I
10" x 10"
Gold Leaf

Oceana I and II

I sometimes dream of water and the life that thrives in in that liquid gold - those icy blue depths. What is the sun to them? A wavering globe that spreads rays of warmth and light, dancing in the sky, in that strange world where all is dry and hostile. Better to be in the world of fluid flight, where one can soar over the depths, free and weightless. And yet...the sun. Glinting in the undulating waves, it beckons with a low sussuration, a voice almost inaudible through the viscous atmosphere.

If I was a fish, oh, how I would long to touch that fire, to be closer to it, to feel it's rays kiss my skin as I roll up through the yeilding shroud of my existence, and into the world of the sun.


Eeriel said...
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Eeriel said...

I like this one.

Aaron Paquette said...

Thank you.