Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Bearclaw Gallery Presents
Earth Portraits

Opening April 23rd and running
until May 5th, 2005

15" x 30"


A companion to Renewal, this piece is more about the changes we experience as we go through life. I remember a time when I was so distracted by the things going on around me and in my world. I remember that I saw a sunset one evening and I know that it was beautiful. Probably one of the most gorgeous moments I have ever seen, but I was completely unmoved. My brain registered, 'a beautiful sunset', but I didn't feel it. I was numbed by my preoccupation with 'activity' and 'things'. I pulled the car over to the side of the road. I turned off my phone, turned down the radio and just – stopped. I watched that sun go down and tried to will myself into feeling it, into being awed by it...but the sensation didn't come. I was still numb.

I decided that day to make some changes in my life. The beautiful sunset that I missed connecting with has replayed many times in my head since that day. It is a permanent part of me, and I am grateful to say that now, many years later, at last I feel it.


Anonymous said...

fascinating painting. The spirit has taken flight and now, in the open space, can soar. The painting shows what appears to be a progressively tighter, more compressed opening ahead. Will the spirit shrink along with it, or will it just temporarily adjust the spread of its wings and with fludity pass to the next open space only to soar again?

Aaron Paquette said...

There really is no right answer. But your questions are right on the mark.

You raise an interesting query about the human spirit, about how we face the things ahead. Some will shrink, withdraw and close into themselves when it looks like things will be difficult ahead; it is one method by which we protect ourselves.

Others will do as you have suggested: make the necessary adjustments and pass through the 'tight spot', keeping above the fray, maintaining perspective and soaring bravely forth into the unknown.

When it comes to how we are going to face life, we all have a choice. Do we curl up - away and out of sight? Or do we go ahead, secure in the knowledge that we are no less a part of this world than any other creature?

In essence, do we truly live or just exist?

It's a tough question, and everyone finds their own answer in their own their own time.