Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In the last days of Indian Summer, I saw a little bee going about his business, gleaning pollen from the few remaining flowers. This spoke to me of purpose. The bee knew what it had to do, and although the possibilties of finishing what he set out to accomplish were increasingly remote, he didn't falter.

Nor did he rush.

He took this time to meander quietly among the fading autumn land, perhaps taking in the last of the season in much the same way as I was, down by the river, in that wide clearing, crinkly with leaves. It's a slow time of year, and I can feel the world going to sleep. Autumn always tears me apart in two separate directions. On the one hand, I get the urge for going, a powerful draw to distant lands, places I've never seen. On the other, I want to make for myself a warm nest, and settle in, wrapped in the comfort of friends and family.

For now, I'll think about that little bee and sip my tea, flavoured as it is, with honey.


red said...

ah, darlin', you echo my feelings about autumn. both a time to hibernate, stay warm, cocoon... as well as to draw from that deep well of creativity that has been filled with the water of life from the previous season of green trees, sunshine and long days.


ps, LOVE this little gal, i can smell the warm sunshiny flowers in the air!

Aaron Paquette said...

Thanks, red.

By the way...when am I going to see some new work on your website?

red said...

heh, as soon as i get around to completing the many pieces i have going :) don't you worry, the bug has me in it's creative crazy little grasp and i'm as busy as your little bee!

they will come, young grasshopper, ah yes, they will come!