Saturday, December 31, 2005

11" x 14"
Mixed Media
Happy New Year!

This piece represents a journey. Does the Raven fly past the Universal Eye? Is it instead an egg, or a seed, the yolk represented by the sun? Or is it an ovum, pierced by creative power?

Do we gaze upon atoms jumbling their way in constant motion, seen frozen for a moment, giving the illusion of solidity - much as we view the wood of a table, or the metal and glass of a building - forgetting that under that firm appearance the universe is always fluid and dancing?

Or perhaps we gaze into the cosmos, the Raven guiding us through stars and galaxies, or universes.

Maybe it's all these things, and this is a tunnel leading us through our entire existence, the golden light beckoning us through. I painted this piece to remind myself that we all have a purpose for being here. Finding that purpose, that thing we can offer to the world no one else can in precisely the same way, is a mindset I would hope we can pass on to the generations.

In quiet we can find it. In quiet we will understand our own journey. It is where we will learn to take flight.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Aaron.Hey I'm still waiting for pics.
Take care


Your Eldest Nephew said...

I really like this one and your last one, a lot.
Happy New Year.


ps. I'll have one to show you soon.

Aaron Paquette said...

Christmas pictures are sent!

Tay: thanks...and I'm looking forward to seeing the new work!

Tav said...

Aaron and Tay, you remind me of each other sometimes. Aaron, the painting I think he is talking about is coming along beautifully.