Thursday, August 03, 2006


At SPIRIT Magazine, Canada’s only national First Nations arts & culture magazine we examine and celebrate the recent history, the present and future of Native arts in North America with a Special Arts Issue.

SPIRIT educates a new generation of readers on Native art through the mass-produced and circulated national magazine available at all major magazine stands across the country as well as universities, schools, libraries, museums and galleries.

SPIRIT produced a comprehensive Native Arts Issue dedicated to emerging and established First Nations visual artists. With the assistance of contributing arts editors, Clint Buehler and Lisa Charleyboy as well as world renown curators, artists and historians from across North America, SPIRIT created a remarkable issue that captures the essence of First Nations contemporary and traditional art.

Jane Ash Poitras created the magnificent original cover specifically for this issue of SPIRIT Magazine.

There are many facets of the visual arts that are included in the issue. Contemporary Aboriginal art is highlighted of course, but SPIRIT also researched, documented and feature traditional artists from across Canada and the US who work in quillwork, moose tufting, cradleboard making, beadwork and many other traditional arts.

It is also imperative to (re)introduce Native arts masters that made up the ‘group of seven’ to a new generation. Artists like Daphne Odjig, Arthur Shilling, Norval Morrisseau, Carl Beam, Roy Thomas and Alex Janvier. Other artists featured include Robert Houle, Jane Ash Poitras, Shelley Niro, George Littlechild, Rebecca Belmore, Joane Cardinal-Schubert and many more. Emerging and exploding artists such as Nadia Myre, Maria Hupfield, Terrance Houle, Aaron Paquette and Brian Jungen are also included in the issue as well as many others.

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For more information on the new issue please call 705-746-2781 or email us at

The current issue of SPIRIT Magazine can be found in all Chapters/Indigo stores as well as independent book and magazine stores ACROSS CANADA and parts of the U.S.

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Or, pick it up to read articles on some of today's greatest Canadian artists and see some really interesting & beautiful work. I'm not sure of the shipping schedule but I imagine they'll start hitting shelves sometime next week or so.

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