Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Wind and Shadow We Will Sing
36" x 48"
Mixed Media
on Canvas

What song does Mother Earth sing? Is it a celebration of diversity, or a lament for the destruction we work upon her soil; for the poisoning of her water, and many plants and creatures? If we could see the spirit of our planet personified, what a mystery she would be! Creator and Destroyer, she nurtures and abandons with equal passion, gentleness and ferocity. She is the Wilderness, and she is our home. We have no other.

Come out into the wilderness, into danger and life, and let us sing together the eternal and ancient lay, the epic music of death, birth, love and betrayal. As we spin among the stars, dancing in this great universe like a mote of dust in a sunbeam, we will breathe in cool air, drink of crystal streams, wander under the sky's fire and eat of the production of nutrients and rich loam.

The beautiful earth will cry us to sleep with dreams of promise carried on the sighing wind.


andrea said...

I love how you segment your images. Very strong design.

Magic Door said...

Hi, just popping by on my way from andrea's blog.?

PG said...

What powerful writing - I love the picture - but the words beneath made the hairs on my arms stand on end.

Tav said...

Beautiful Aaron! I will have to stop commenting because that is what I always say.

Anyway, call me, I need your advice on something artsy.

Aaron Paquette said...

Thanks everyone...I'm working like a demon these days (at last!)

Tav, please email me your Phone no.

Tav said...

Hi Aaron, I sent the email to the addy you have on this website.