Monday, February 12, 2007

Let's Set the Way Back Machine Allll the Way 1998

Ahhh, the nineties. Can you feel it? Bill Clinton noticed an attractive, plump intern making eyes at him, Seinfeld aired its last episode (in a Kaufman-esque turn it was notably unfunny), and I guess if he were real, Marty McFly Jr. would be a brand, spankin' new baby. Myself, I was trying to start up my fledgling career, painting commissioned reproductions of old, famous paintings in order to just squeak by, and if I recall correctly, was chock full of Infallible Opinions. The sheer number of notches I was going to be taken down by...I would never have guessed.

Humility, however was for the future, not a concern for someone so '98 hip as I was. For example:

Oversized sweater with plaid shirt underneath?


Sparse, sad attempt at sideburns?


Long, luxurious, ridiculously thick hippy/grunge hair, pulled back for that "professional" look?


Last minute "artistic" and TOTALLY NOT STAGED touch-ups to monstrously large painting?


As you know, the camera adds ten pounds, so I "appear" to be a healthily robust 145 lbs. Not bad for a diet of ramen noodles and cola.


Robin Bob Morrison said...

I remember when I weighed in at 133 pounds, and would fatten up to a whopping 145 before flinging myself out into the wilderness of the American interstate hiway system and resume starvation mode.

Aaron Paquette said...

Back in your rambling, shambling, indestructible days...

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you posted the photo that clearly shows your attempt at a luxurious beard?

Ummm, I am not going to sign this, since you'll figure it out anyway

Ginger said...

Rewind back a few years further to early 90's boy with boy-band-of-the-moment perfect - if not somewhat big - hair...great shoes...and fantastic letters complete with sketches passed forward to girl with perfect - if not somewhat big - hair in "Advanced" English class. Funny thing is that after all these years she still has those notes - which contained more inspiration for her than the writer was likely even aware of in the moment. Wonderful to see that your artistic talent does not end with your writing ability/musings - your art is beautiful - I check it out every now and again..and would definitely stop in at the show this weekend to tell you in person - if I still lived in the "filthiest slush hole this side of Moscow..." that is.

Aaron Paquette said...


I hate to admit it, but High School tends to look like a distant blur to me. Who are you?

Sadly, you described me to a tee.

Inspiration? I can't even imagine.


A beard would be a feat indeed as my genetics dictate no facial growth on my cheeks, and sparse abilities everywhere else...but I think that's what you are referring to...

Ginger said...

Aaron - your post today was incredible...(New Chapter March 28) and in reply to your comment - not only high school - but elementary school as well. Kerri. L. One of three in class I think - but the only one who sat in front of you and John C (student not poet) in McEachern English. I've officially favourited your site...and will be checking in regularly...

Aaron Paquette said...

I thought it was you, Kerri!

Big hair! What an understatement!

Isn't it funny that we knew each other even way back when we were so little? Now that we're talking about it so many memories come flooding back.

As to the flatter me, but I'll take it.