Monday, February 12, 2007

Burning Bridges

One thing I hear a lot from other First Nations artists/performers is the desire to build a bridge between two cultures. I think I've even said the same thing before. For what it is, it seems like a pretty fantastic ideal. I'm in complete support of it.

However, it occurs to me these days that I don't want to build a bridge. There are already so many bridges that no one seems to want to cross.

How about this idea? Obliterate the need for a bridge. No more huge chasm of difference between First Nations and the larger Canadian society. Instead of spanning this Great Divide, maybe it's time to start thinking about closing it. I'm not talking about conforming to one another, either.

I'm a part of the First Nations community, I'm also part of the 'white' community, in no small part thanks to my parents for finding each other so darned attractive. Other so called halfbreeds with whom I've spoken feel much the same way:

It's time for these destructive racial issues to end.

And do you think I'm just talking to Paleface, here? Not a chance. There is just as much resentment and racism going the other way, too. It's there on both sides, might as well just admit it.

Get it out into the open.

And then leave all that stereotyping behind. It's harmful, useless, and makes us lesser people because of it. Leave it behind, we don't need it.

Easier said than done? Maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

But that's a question we won't know the answer to until we try, isn't it?

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