Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Butternut Squash Be Trippin

So last month was eventful.

I was a facilitator at the Banff Centre for a Royal Conservatory program called Learning Through The Arts (LTTA). It's a program where artists and teachers partner up to teach the curriculum to students through various art forms. For example, teaching numeracy with painting and symbols, or how electrical currents work through movement, etc.

The idea is that it incorporates all kinds of learning into the classroom to help all kids learn in as many ways as possible. Everyone is different and we all learn in different ways. The fancy words for this are Differentiated Instruction.

A week before that, I was in Toronto to receive my Mentor-Artist Educator Certificate from the Royal Conservatory in a very cool Convocation ceremony.

One of the major highlights? The butternut squash soup at the CN Tower. Honestly, it blew my mind.



andy grabia said...

The McDonalds sign brings it all home for me. Really ties the room together, as it were.

Aaron Paquette said...

Are you saying it celebrates the space?