Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fluid & Flux

Gold Dance
40" x 10"
Mixed Media on Canvas

Sun, sky and water. All fluid, all in flux. Alive with light, this painting dances and moves in an enduring place of calm. This piece developed over a span of three years, I was in no rush with it and it wasn’t in a rush with me. It grew as I grew. It waited patiently for hands that could give it the life it wanted, for hands that understood. I respond to this piece in such a joyful way, it touches something deep inside me for which I have no words. When I’m away from it, it seems enormous to me, a large, almost overpowering piece, but then I see it again and marvel at the slightness of it, the unassuming proportions. It has captured some essence of illumination and shares it again.



andrea said...

Beautiful work, Aaron.

Tommi Alexis said...

This is really fascinating!! I really like the vertical layout... it really draws you in