Thursday, May 27, 2010

32" x 24"
Mixed Media on Canvas

A few months ago I happened to look up at the sky and I almost fell down at the vision. What would normally be a waxing moon seemed to me suddenly like a pregnant belly, the rest of the woman submerged under the evening sky. I knew I had to share that image. This painting is dark, but so full of light everywhere! The teepees are a row of warm invitation, the roaring fire a beacon to home and safety. I like to imagine someone is out there, tending to the living fire, watching the sparks rise against the stars as they form a seamless union between heaven and earth. The mystery of the Northern Lights hovers up above, muted as it goes to rest with the rest of the world, and there she is. Dancing in the spinning cosmos, giving life in the same breath as she bequeaths death. We are all on a one way ticket from the moment we board this physical plane, and it is this balance of light and dark, birth and death, joy and melancholy - these things give meaning to it all.



jen alabiso said...

Hi Aaron - this is gorgeous. thanks, for sharing your night sky.

Toney said...

Aaron, I've always thought First Nation spirituality would birth and nurture the Next Age.

This is a beautiful and richly symbolic piece.

hollysierra said...

Hi Aaron,

Toney brooks led me to your blog. I just wanted to say how vibrant and wonderful this piece is...I am an artist too and have long been drawn to the spiritual connections of man and earth.

Holly Sierra