Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Are Wild

We are alive, we breathe,
we are made of earth's water
earth's soil, air and of fire.

We are wild, never doubt it.
The earth itself is made
of stardust and emptiness
of endless possibility made physical.

We are part of the whole spinning magnificence of creation.
We are wise, but we are children.
We are fools, aged and steeped in experience.
We become what we think, what we hold dear.

I come from people whose children have forgotten how to dream.
They will awaken, we all will awaken
and laugh, dance, sing with wild abandon.

We are wild, never doubt it.
We are all half breeds whether in flesh or spirit.
This is our future, this is our culture:
what we make of it.

We are wild never doubt it.

Aaron Paquette
April 2010


Anonymous said...

I don't quite know what to say. This is wondrous and I want to stop there, but I cannot. Your vision inspires me to want to write again.

Amma said...

Man, i saw your paints in deviant and im impressed. Sou wonderful, beautiful and touching.

justin said...

i like your blog