Monday, September 20, 2010

I wrote you a letter


This is your time.

I have seen the faces of the people. I have probably seen your face. If I haven’t I can imagine it. I can see how deep you run, how far you see, how strong you are.

I can see that you are the child of warriors, of healers, of the ancient and wise.

I can see that sometimes you are lost. The path clouded by the mists of pain.

You are a child of this time, and of the timeless, and you have too much to give to ever give up.

The heartbeat of the earth rumbles in your veins, the song of the sky lifts your heart. You dream.

They say, “Dream Big”

I say: Dream Bigger

Be smart, be confident, be someone seven generations can admire.

For they are the ones who need you. All the unborn, yet to be born who will inherit this earth. For too long they’ve been given scraps from the table. It’s time to offer them a feast.

A feast of words, a feast of music. A feast of good action taken.

This is the generation that makes it happen, this is the generation that stands up after too long under the pain of the past. This is the transformational generation.

This is you.

I have seen your faces.

I have seen your wings.

You can fly.

No one ever told you, but you can soar above it all, and I know you already have. I know you’ve already been there in your dreams, seeing it all from high above, rising, rising, rising.

Keep Rising. Keep Dreaming.

Our songs have always come true. Sing the song of your strong, warrior, healing heart. Be wise and the people will heal.

Be wise and our hearts will heal

Be wise and heal this earth.

Your songs will become your children’s songs and they will sing about you and the mighty life you lived.

But for now...for now.

This is your time.

So fly.

Aaron Paquette

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Annie B. said...

We think so alike... thanks for putting it into words. It needs to be said, over and over until they listen. Great job! :-)