Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I was honoured to design the new logo for the Simon Fraser First Nations Students' Association (FNSA). Here's the link. If you click on "Our Logo", it will explain the details.



moonepower said...

You have done an amazing job on this logo (as you do with all your art). It captures the essence of the First Nations Peoples and by extrapolation, the SF Aboriginal students. Good work, my son.

Shaganapimoone said...

It's strong. I love it! What language is at the bottom?

Way to go, Bro!

Shaganapimoone said...

Tricky Aaron!! So funny, Jessy figured out it was FNSA! LOL!! It's cool!

Anonymous said...


We love the logo you designed for us at the FNSA. Thanks for working on it and thanks for giving us a shout out on your blog!