Saturday, February 12, 2011

Creative Secrets - Episode 1 - Test Episode

Well, here it is, my experimental first attempt at a vlog. Bear with me as I'm learning the ropes, but please do share this with friends, click the old 'thumbs up' icon under the video on the YouTube page and throw it around in Facebook while you're at it!

If this generates enough interest, I'll go ahead with planning out more episodes.

One thing I've learned: Maybe not so much the filming under yellow light.

And remember: Feedback would be awesome and appreciated!



Aaron Paquette said...

(ps. if the video isn't showing up straightaway, come back later, I'm getting it on and off while it finishes processing)

mapleton said...

Great advice! I look forward to seeing more vlogs.

I was having difficulty viewing the video here - it said "video unavailable" but if I hit the youtube logo in the bottom right of the corner, it takes me to youtube where I can view it no problem.

Aaron said...

Yeah, I see that YouTube is STILL processing the video, two days later. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your ideas. You are truly inspiring! I painted like a zombie today and it was good. Karen Nichols

Aaron said...

Hopefully not a blood lusting flesh eating kind of zombie!


Karen, that's great! Thanks for commenting. Do you have a pic?

Aaron said...

(of your painting, I mean!)

Karen Nichols said...

I'm working on developing a new series that combines elements of realism and imagination, which is the reason why I have been looking at your paintings as I see you have been able to achieve that successfully.
I have posted one image at:
Cheers, Karen

Aaron said...

Karen, that is really cool! I love the brushstrokes. I really like art that looks deliberate, when you can see that the artist was able to find confidence in what they were doing, even if only for a moment. Thank you for sharing that.


Karen Nichols said...


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